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    EZT3D T1 sd card reader help

    I'm trying to get a second hand EZT3D T1 going and I'm completely new to 3d printing. Everything seems to be working fine, but I can't it to find the files on the SD card. (It only has an SD card reader, no USB input) I've tried .obj and .stl files. Any suggestions?

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    I also got a second hand EZT3D T1 recently but found out it was missing a SD card. Is there anything important on the SD card? Would u be able to share with me the contents on SD Card please? Been trying to find out if it came with any files, instructions, softwares or installations/calibrations that needed to be done in order to get the printer working but so far no luck.. Cheers

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    Mine was also second hand and came without an SD card. As I understand it, the firmware is on the card, but can be downloaded elsewhere. Just looking at the motherboard, it looks like there's a spot where I could just solder in a micro usb port. I might try it if I need to recalibrate.

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    For the record... from a layman... Firmware is burned to the processor. However, the SD could have support files on it but that seems strange.
    Normally an SD with printer support files would be maintained internal to the machine, not the SD you submit print files with.

    You might contact BangGood and see if they can give you access to their FW library.
    I've looked through there for a different printer's FW before and they sure don't make it easy.

    Then again, I could be way off and someone will set me straight.

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