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    Will this work with PLA/ABS?

    I want to create a prototype chainring/gear for my bike, before getting it CNC'd.

    If I use a strong PLA or ABS(95% infill), will this gear survive for at least one ride?

    I'm mostly concerned about the teeth being too weak, I could make the body thicker to avoid bending. The gear would be used with a standard metal bike chain.
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    for something that fits a standard bicycle chain, you won't get off the starting blocks. Bending will not be a factor, shear on the teeth will turn your sprocket into an idler wheel, or simply a circle. You might get one or two pedal revolutions by using high strength nylon, but that's not a certainty either.

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    I reckon it's worth a try :-)

    make it solid. so a solid diaphragm every layer.
    even 100% infill doesn't usually produce a solid item.

    Given that the teeth engage fully with the chain, the main stress isn't going to be on the tips of the gear teeth, but at the base where it's very strong.
    And pet-g is probably your best bet.
    Although it can be tricky to get the printing settings just right. when you do it is extremely strong.
    So rather than just make the body thicker, make the teeth valleys deeper as well and the tips of the teeth less pointy.

    As fred said, carbon filled nylon would also be a good material to try. But even the carbon filled nylon isn't particularly stiff.

    For pla - go for transparent, I've always found it's a lot tougher and more durable than any of coloured pla's.

    Give it a shot, what have you got to lose ? :-)
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    Taulman Alloy 910 would be a good choice as it does not "require" a heated bed and prints like PLA but is made for this type of application. come in black as well

    I would make sure your extrusion multiplier is correct and maybe even over extrude every so slightly. only do 1 shell multiple top and bottom layers with 100% infill.Good luck!
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    Run it with PLA to get a firmer prototype if you want to idle a chain over it.

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