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    Need help regarding a print issue (gap on skin?)

    Hey guys, I need help trying to figure out a problem with my 3d printer. I can't get the beginning of a skin to print 100%. There's always a gap on the edge. It's always on the beginning of the skin (on every layer).
    The rest prints fine. Bed is level. The problem happens even the print start from other locations on the bed. Any ideas what I should do? I went through the process of calibrating the extruder too, but nothing changed related to this. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!


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    Infill Overlap, I use 10 Percent

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    Still, didn't fix. I think it's something related to extrusion I don't know. It happens after the nozzle retracts, travels, and then when it lands to a spot where it needs to start extruding again, that's where it usually fails it. Any ideas?

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    Retraction distance to great, try reducing it a bit at a time, but change nothing but that each time so as to know if it working.
    If that does not do it and you are using S3D, add some Extra Restart Distance.. When retraction pulls the filament back x number of MM it will then advance it the same amount when it gets to where it is going. Sometime you need a little.. that is what extra restart distance is.. Don't add too much to start and work up to what is required.
    Good luck

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    use tipex to fill the gap :-)

    lifting on retraction is a fairly new thing and unnecessary. switch that off :-)

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