Hi! New here. I've had my Inventor for a little over a year now, and I just ran into an issue that I don't quite understand. I recently worked on a large project that required lots of printing and required the need to replace the blue plate tape. The prints were starting to lose quality, which I thought were due to worn out, or clogged nozzles. At the end of this project, I took the opportunity to buy some nickle plated nozzles and I replaced both of my nozzles and the blue tape. I then printed two new separate 2 hour prints flawlessly (It's the same model, which I intend to print 6 times). No issues with adhesion and the print quality was perfect. Upon completion of the 2nd print, I started the 3rd before the printer even cooled down to 100 C. I used no excessive force, and nothing weird happened when I took the 2nd print off. I let the 3rd print do it's thing, and never checked in on it. 2 hours later once the printer signaled completion of the 3rd print, I went into the room to start the next one. To my horror, there was nothing on the build plate, and the was a huge glob of filament stuck to the nozzle. I heated the nozzle back up (at that point it had mostly cooled down) and removed the glob with little effort. I thought for sure that I ruined that nozzle and potentially the hot end, but everything seemed fine. I needed to determine what the original issue was, and after starting a few prints, I discovered that the first layer was not adhering to the plate. I then leveled the plate and tested the print at least a dozen times, all with the same result. I managed to rotate the model/print and achieved layer adhesion. The back two corners (maybe a two inch squared surface area) still don't adhere. I was grateful to at least get it back up and printing. Well when the print was done one side looked like garbage and the other was perfect.


I then decided to test the other nozzle. The left nozzle being the one that I just used to print with. Loaded up different filament in the right nozzle, and a different model and started the print. I had good layer adhesion, but the final print resulted in the same issue, however reversed. I printed it with the right nozzle, and the left side was garbage. The previous print was printed with the left nozzle, and the right side was bad. Any thoughts as to what my issue is? Sorry for the long explanation.