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    When will we be 3D printing all houses?

    Hello! I am a year 9 Australian student doing a project on how 3D printing affect our poverty issues. As part of the project I have been asked to use replies on a forum as a reference. I was wondering when we will be 3D printing all houses, or if that will even happen. From what I've read, we are quickly finding ways to make it more efficient and cheaper, so will this continue on this path or is a barrier we will most likely need to overcome first? If anyone could give me good starting ground that would be fantastic, keep in mind I am quite new to this, thank you!

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    I do not believe this will happen anytime soon, you may see 3D Printed houses for the less fortunate sooner than you would think.
    This will allow for homes to be built for much less an thous be more affordable as a way of supplying homes for everyone.

    However the Richer in the world will want something that is original, handcrafted, made just for them.
    As you look around and see what the stars wearing, and were they live you will in this life time never see a 3D Printed home in one of these neighborhoods.
    Your Rich friendly neighbors would surely complain an get restraining orders to stop this monstrosity from being 3D Printed in their neighborhood.
    Most likely zoning laws would even stop the erection of such a 3D Printer from being assembled as being unsightly, even for this short period of time for the printing process.

    Not every will want to live in a 3D Printed home, and choose to live in a home make with Bubinga, Bocote, Dalbergia, Lignum Vitae, Pink Ivory and Purple Heart.
    They will want there stairs wrapped with wood made of Sandlewood, African Blackwood and Agar with prices of up to $20,000 a killogram.
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    we'll never print ALL houses.
    But there are a number of machines around now and it is getting a lot more common.
    The chinese, particularly, are pushing the technology.

    It's also going to be useful for the increasing number of migrant 'towns' as well as for disaster relief.
    Cheap housing is also going to be a good use for the technology.

    Modular housing is probably where the future lies as far as the building industry goes.
    Basically large, cleverly shaped bricks that go together like lego.
    Quite a few there.
    You'll see that primarily there are concentrating on small low budget dwellings.

    For larger houses, it's the individual components and building blocks that can be printed to produce a 3d jigsaw style modular house.

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    well not really, once you've satisfied the local building regulations - and that's just tweaking the process slightly for each country - you're good to go.

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    So true

    Yes, you are right. The US is actually slightly different than the other countries for regulations. In the USA Product Printing is much higher than other Printing.

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    I like this 3D printed homes idea:


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    That project is going to be in the Netherlands.

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    Ok, thank you so much for the help everyone! Much appreciated.

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    I remembered saw couple of videos on Youtube that show people are building house with 3d printed bricks/ materials ... But the problem isn't how you build the house, it's all about owning the land.

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