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    Angry Help!! Thermal Runaway, PID tuning not working, values all over the place

    I happened across an Openbeam Kossel Pro about 3 months ago, CHEAP, but I have still not been able to successfully make a print yet. I have tried to use matter-control but Octoprint has worked much better for me. Biggest problem right now is that the extruder temp can't hold and gives me thermal runaway errors. It is not overshooting, it will get to 200, start to print and 30 seconds or so later it starts to drops to 194 and can't keep, then it outputs errors and stops the print. I have run the PID tuning a bunch of times, no luck. The PID values are all over the place; doesn't matter the number of iterations, I have stored some of them with M301 and M500. I have no clue whats going on.
    P - 45.33
    I - 7.58
    D - 67.77

    P - 30.05
    I - 4.22
    D - 53.54

    P - 38.36
    I - 7.55
    D - 48.72

    P - 42.06
    I - 7.33
    D - 60.30

    P - 44.41
    I - 8.34
    D - 59.12

    P - 29.37
    I - 5.52
    D - 39.10

    P - 17.99
    I - 3.14
    D - 25.79

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    might need a new heater cartridge.
    I have no clue what pid tuning is :-)
    which tells you something: five printers, 6 years 3d printing never yet thought about pid tuning.

    What you need to realise is that if it was being sold cheap - it had problems.

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    I thought about getting a new heater cartridge and new temperature thermistor. Honestly that may be the next step that I need to take just rule that out. Wanted to check on here to see if any of you guys have run into this before and possibly had a solution. Got it so cheap because the guy I bought it from let it sit around for a few years and then realized it wasn't worth anything because it's unfortunately I is a really difficult printer to run because it has no display screen. Unfortunately for me he purchased it, assembled it and it never printed anything before he put it on a shelf and let it sit

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    Maybe needs new heater cartridge, if I disable part cooling the warnings go away, the part cooling on this end effector blows straight onto the heater block rather than blowing directly on the part.

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