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    Low-buck 3D scanner for motorcycles / motorcycle parts?

    I build custom motorcycles and have an Industrial Design degree. I'd like to get a 3D scanner in the shop so I can scan areas of a stripped down bike to design new parts.

    I'm used to working to tolerances , i.e. +/- 0.5mm for mounting hole locations on a part to be manufactured. It seems 3D scanners are based on resolution and not necessarily tolerance. What kind of specs should I be looking for in a 3D scanner to gauge it's accuracy?

    For instance, if I want to design a new seat for a motorcycle but use the existing mounting holes I would want to be able to work from a 3D scan that's accurate down to 0.5mm in order for the part to fit correctly.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking to stay under $500 ideally. My other requirement would be a scanner capable of scanning an entire motorcycle.

    Thanks for the help. I'm obviously new to this.

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    okay, first.
    forget $500 - there are currently no viable commercial scanners under ?1500- $3,000

    The einscan scanners are pretty good, But the desktop model won't do something as big as a motorbike.

    My current recommendation would be the scan-in-a-box:
    Not cheap, but very good.

    The other way you can go is a diy setup using the xbox kinect. - there is even an app :-)

    But all the budget scanners will do is raise your blood pressure and fill the swear box :-)

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    I still don't really understand how to gauge specs on different units for my application.

    For instance the Structure Sensor has an accuracy of 0.5mm @ .3 meters for $380.
    Meanwhile the Faro Freestyle 3D scanner also has 0.5mm accuracy and is $11,000.

    I found a Structure Sensor on eBay for only $200 so I picked that up to try out. Is there a benefit to purchasing better software for the Structure Sensor rather than using Skanect?

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    probably not, until you've seen what the manufacturers software actually does.
    Also, bear in mind the 'accuracy' claims are for the best case scenario with the perfect subject model.
    Don't expect it to apply to something as chromatically challemging as a motorbike.

    Ah, okay, it's the add on for ipads.
    Interested to see how you get on.

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