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    Ender 3 Petg problems

    I have and Ender 3 and have no trouble printing PLA. Lots of good quality prints.
    I just got a spool of PETG and cannot get it to work. The main problem is that it does not adhere to the bed. The filament comes out of the nozzle well, and prints the test strip down the side of the build plate but when it moves to the center and tries to begin the print the filament just balls up around the nozzle. I have tried adjusting the bed level, have tired different temperatures for nozzle and bed (235, 240 .250 nozzle, 60, 70 80 bed). I have turned off the fan. I have used blue tape on the bed. Nothing seems to work.

    Any suggestions?

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    PETG is particular about starting height.. needs to be correct. No idea how you configure that on your printer. I have use eSun PETG on clean glass at 80c Polyimide tape (sticks too well to that pull the tape off) and emlers glue stick, 2 coats. All with bed at 80 and nozzle 245 no cooling fan. One thing to keep in mind is if you are using cleaning filament between materials, it takes a lot of the new material to flush out the cleaning filament.. I would expect the same it is true with the existing PLA.. Also it does not like to print fast.. small items I do at 30mms larger no more than 45mmS (Simplified 3d V4.01)

    Sorry I can't be of more help

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