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    Ender3 Glass Bed not flat?

    Hello together.

    I got my Ender3 last week. Only did some extrusion calibration so far.
    My biggest problem for now: It feels like the glas bed I bought with it is not flat. If I level it with the "paper tactic" to like a little bit of resistance in the corners (right there where the adjustment screws are) there?s really much space in the middle of the bed. When I adjust it that the nozzle literaly touches the bed in the corners, i can get 2 sheet of paper between the nozzle and the bed in the middle.

    I really dont know what i do wrong...
    Cant imagine that the glass isnt flat.

    Any idea?

    - Alex

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    All Ender beds are warped - that's a fact of life. I also have the official glass and it is also slightly warped. You may want to invest in an auto bed leveling kit for your Ender, as it really is a game changer. That said, you could order a piece of borosilicate glass from another source, such as Amazon. I would wager that your glass bed is as warped as the aluminum bed.

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    I have also successfully used glass for frame from your local home improvement store.
    together with a glass cutter, it is the cheapest way to have an endless supply of glass for the printer bed.
    Works beautifully for a long time. (I usually crack the glass when some print gets so stuck that it is almost impossible to remove)

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