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    Lad-1.0 - Plastics Feed System and 3D Printer

    Hello, fellow 3d print board members!I'm happy to present you my latest project:

    Lad-1.0 - Plastics Feed System and control of the 3D printer working area. This system can significantly improve the print quality of almost any low-cost desktop FDM printer.​The System consists of:
    1. platform (effector) with a heat break and parts cooling systems,
    2. sensor clearance between the nozzle and the desktop (folding, measurements are made at the operating temperature of the nozzle and platform),
    3. Y-type, class 300⁰C Feeder, with all-metal hot end,
    4. twin gearbox extruder.

    ​The system allows you to print most modern filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm, combine two different materials in one print and quickly (less than one minute) to replace nozzles with a diameter of 0.2 to 1.0 mm. Particularly interesting is the high print quality achieved by one material on supports, which are easily removed and practically do not damage the surface of the part.​Such opportunities appeared due to consistently high accuracy:
    • the height of the first layer,
    • the temperature of the nozzle and the details,
    • the amount of material supplied in all modes of operation of the printer.

    Project Page

    Examples of prints obtained using this system:
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    Lad-1.0 - nozzle replacement:

    Lad-1.0 - nozzle replacement

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