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    3D Printer Choice

    Hello all. New to the group. I realize this question could be WAY open ended so rather than asking for a bunch of recommendations of which there would be tons, I'm curious if anyone can help in my final selection between a couple of printers that I think I'm settling in on.

    The first is the Dremel Digilab 3D45 and the second is the QIDI Tech Large Size Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D printer.

    This are both in the $1499-1799 range.

    Any experience or thoughts on either of these. I have looked at about a zillion it seems and this is becoming one of the most challenging decisions I've made. lol

    Thanks ahead.


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    Of those 2: qidi every time.

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    Well, thank you Mr Aardvark. Must be pretty solid to be that direct.

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    lol - the qidi has larger print volume. Good company with good support.
    Also the qidi is easier to fix and modify.

    Both have the same connectivity.

    It does depend entirely what you want to print.
    for that kind of money I'd personally go for a formbot t-rex2+
    The idex (independant dual extruders) take the hassle out of dual material printing.
    And believe me with a fixed dual nozzle setup - it can be a real hassle.

    The heated print chamber isn't as useful as you thnk it will be - unless you plan on using cheap nylon, or abs (no clue why people still use abs).

    So it does depend what you want to print and with what material.
    neither of those printers would be my pick at that price point lol

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    Yeah thank you

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