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    missing layers in one spot only

    Hi, I've been having a recurring problem on prints that have a tall stack of perimeters where 3 or 4 layers are missing in one spot and the rest of the print is okay (besides some stringiness in the travel moves and boogers in the infill, and the occasional lump). I just did a 10 hour print with the whole bed filled up with multiple objects and they all had missing layers on and around the same layer (see picture). I was printing with a brand new roll of Hatchbox PLA on my creality Ender 4 which has been modified to be corexy. 200* hotend 60* bed 60mm/s overall 30mm/s outer and top layer, 10mm/s first layer. 10% grid infill, 0.2mm layer height, 0.4mm perimeters, 5 top layers, 3 perimeter layers. Concentric layer fill.
    Any tips appreciated!!
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    Fixed it - cleaned the z axis screw.

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