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    Angry Strange DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT setting for Marlin

    Hi, awesome tech-people out there

    I recently bought a RAMP 1.6 board for my printer upgrade along with Marlin 1.1.9 version. I changed some lines of configuration.h?movement setting section?but something seems to be problematic with either my printer or my RAMP board. I first copied the suggested settings for my default axis steps per unit from the internet, and I noticed the step value was too high that the printer head is moving too much; therefore, I began to play around with the number and discovered value of 8 for both X and Y axis and of 32 for Z axis seem to be working.

    The value is soooo looooow compared to other sample codes?!!? plus, the motor vibrating alot, which I think is caused by the low number of steps. Can anyone help me fix this issue...?

    (I had attached my configuration.h file below)

    Thank you. BTW, I am using Nema 17 motor.
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    Did you install the 3 jumpers that are under the Driver modules. on the ramps.

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    you are my hero!

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