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    Formlabs "Universal cartridge" - closed mode printing with 3rd party resin

    Has anyone tried the universal cartridge for the formlabs form 2 machines? It's a module that enables the machine to run in closed mode using 3rd party resins. This enables the resin dispensing, heating and the wiper. Which improves printing quality and geometric stability.The module can be configured to any one of the formlabs resin profiles. Usually 3rd party resin suppliers specify the resin profile their resin is designed for.You simply modify an empty cartridge(or buy it pre-modified), select the resin profile, fill the cartridge with the resin of choice and you're good to go.This module has been successfully tested with several resin brands already: Applylabwork, Photocentric 3D, DigitalForge3D, 3DResyns and Molecule. Links:

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    sounds like a good idea.

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    thing i ever seen

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