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    calculate weight of 3d printed object


    Help, please.
    I want to calculate the weight of an object prior to printing.

    I asked a couple of filament manufacturers but received no response.

    I am trying to get my formulas right before hand.

    density = mass/volume

    volume = density * mass

    The print area on printer is 300mm X 300mm X 420mm
    Which gives a total volume of 37,800,000mm3 OR


    The density of polycarbonate is 1.20g/cm3.

    so, the weight of a full build would be:
    3780000 * 1.20 = 4,536,000g

    4,536,000g /453.592 = 10,000.17lbs (is that right??)

    I don't think any of these hobby 3d printers could handle a 5ton print.
    Where did I go wrong?

    Thank You.

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    Lol, one cm3 is 1,000 mm3.

    Most slicers will also do this for you taking into account wall thickness and infill amount.

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