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    ZD-ONE 3D Printer doesn't work.. please help

    I have 2 of these printers. I cant make eather of them work. I have set them up correctly, but when i unzip the files it is always giving me an prompt bar that states...
    "Please insert the last disk of the multi volume set and click continue"...
    I dont know what that means nor can i find it in the software. I am able to bring up the cura and load the test file into it. It will slice it and allow me to save it to the SD card. I load the sd card into the machine and once i press the print button on the lcd will let me choose the file, but once i confirm to print, the machine just sits idle. It will not go into heat up mode...and it will not move. I have tried to manually heat everything up but that still dose not work. The percentage bar will be going through from 1-100% and still nothing happens even after that.
    Eather im missing something here or this set up just dose not work.

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    any idea what firmware you have ?
    the control panel on the printer should tell you.

    At the end of the day it's a bog standard i3 printer, so most i3 profiles for cura should work.
    just need to know what firmware the board is running to get the right i3 profile.

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