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    newby help

    Hi folks, I'm new to 3d printing. I built an ender 3 about a week ago and have had one problem after another. I'm looking for help solving this issue...

    For some reason the supports fail and then the printer drags globs of pla across the print. I'm printing with Amazon PLA and the nozzle temp was 220 and the bed 60. Nozzle temperature less than 220 has given me problems with layer adhesion and bed adhesion. I didn't slice this, it is the test print that came on the card with the printer. You can see in the second picture that there are some layer problems too. Under extrusion?


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    Try slicing this 15x15x2x.6 mm square and printing it. When complete measure it with your Digital caliper (you really need one if you want to do 3d printing) It should be 2mm tall within .02mm+- and have a wall thickness of .6 +-.02.If it is too tall you nozzle starting height is too high and you will have adhesion issues. If the walls are too thin you are under extruding. Obviously the inverse of either is bad as well.Hope that helps
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    Thanks for the help!

    Edit: I do have a digital caliper, so I'll print this tonight and check

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    Ok, so I printed this and the height was 2mm, the thickness was .6, but it didn?t turn out 15x15 it was like 14.2x15.7, also the layers cane apart in places. Printed at 220 and 60 and again at 200 and 60.

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    De-lamination has always been printing too cold, at least for me. Try 225. Just because you have your hot end set to 225 does not mean it actually is.
    Sorry about the inaccurate size naming.. The square is actually 16.2x16.2 the inside is 15x15.
    Your major difference is something mechanical or firmware related but beyond my knowledge. My squares measure 16.10x16.12, but I would use a solid model for that kind of measuring. This is just to set starting height and extrude multiplier.
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