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    Lightbulb 3D Printer for 1500$?

    Hello forum,

    I am very interested in buying a 3D printer and need your expertise choosing.
    I have no experience yet, but I would like a quality machine as it will be used for functional projects/parts that require high precision and quality.
    My requirements to the printer are:
    - High precision
    - High quality
    - Large build area

    My budget is around 1500-1700$ - is this possible?

    I have been looking at the Creality printers as they get good reviews - but I am afraid of lack of precision and quality?
    More specificly the Creality CR-X (maybe Creality CR-3040S) is in my attention, as it (among other things) has the dual option making it able to print support of other material?

    I am not sure of anything and I am a hardcore rookie on this subject.
    I might be totally wrong on the Creality printers, what printers would you guys recommend?

    Thank you,
    And greetings from Denmark

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    the cr-3040s looks like a decent machine.

    might also be worth looking at the prusa i3 mk 3 -
    smaller print voilume - but top quality machine.

    At the top end of the price range have alook at the formbot t-rex2:
    The dual independat extruders make multi material prints really easy. Mix flexible filament with rigid filament. use soluble supports, dual coloured prints and a HUGE build volume.

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    Thanks for the recommendations @curious aardvark.

    The Formbot sure looks good, but I don't think it is availaibe in my country. I don't want to buy overseas, as spare parts and warranty can become an issue. Here in Denmark 24 months of warranty is required from stores.

    My research has shown that dual extruders are needed for printing soluble support - is this really needed in a 3D printer?

    I have found the Creatbot DX with dual extruders, however not independently moving extruders. It looks like a good machine from my level of close-to-none knowledge.
    It looks to be a full-metal printer and seems to be making some good (and large) quality prints of the videos I can see.
    However, I am still concerned about the quality of the printer - the bed is only resting on 2 metal rods in the back, will that affect the precision as it might tilt downwards at the front end of the plate?

    I am not sure if something like the Creality CR10S will be good enough. It will mainly be used for hobby, on a high level tho. I just don't wanna upgrade to a new printer after a year or so.

    I can get the Creatbot DX for around 1840 USD because it will be bought without VAT.
    Here is the printer:

    If you have knowledege about Creatbot printers I will be very glad to hear it.
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    If you are looking to buy a creality printer then I will suggest you ender 3, CR-20 and CR-10S. Go online and compare their features and prices.

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    the creatbot dx looks pretty interesting. Never heard of them, but there are so many companies in china knocking printers out now - that's not surprising.

    Also all the chinese suppliers ship world wide - so that shouldn't be much of a consideration.

    Som good specs on the dx - the 350c hotend is unusual.
    Good build size.
    It does have dual extruders. fixed together - which isn't ideal. But if it's setup and calibrated properly, it's not always a pita either.

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    Creality-3040S is fully assembled 3D printer. With its distinctive look and features, it is one of the best Creality 3D printers. The pieces of this 3D printer are made with high precision. So that your imagination is formed in many fine models with the best accuracy and precision.

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    Hi! I think nowadays 3D-printer is just a toy for rich people. But I believe, that sometimes it will be more accessible.

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