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    Newbie needs help from experienced printers - Anycubic I3 Mega

    First of all I would like to say hello to everybody on this forum ! This is my first message on it, freshly registered.

    I started to print some stuff for the last couple days and I have an issue with printing some holes. .STL from thinkercad if this is any help.

    Bed 65?C
    0.2mm layer height
    Retract speed 40mm/s
    Retract distance 7mm

    Normally, prints from it are pretty good but this one is pretty bad... Do you have an idea why ?

    Thanks for you help anyway !

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    what printer is it.

    The retractions are weird. very slow and very long. 3mm at 70mm/s would probably work better.

    Looks like it's printing too fast, definitely under extrusion.
    Could be a variety of reasons - would help to know what printer you're using :-)

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    Thanks for the reply.
    It's an Anycubic I3 Mega
    I'll try with your settings and check the difference !

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    okay - direct drive extruder right ?
    Yeah short fast retractions are best for that.

    Looks like a decent bit of kit.

    Where have you got the filament mounted ?
    Ideally with an i3 it should be on top of the frame.
    Found a video - side mount - yeah you want to change that.
    Why they set them up to feed filament from below the print head is beyond me. Just adds rally sharp angles to the filament and increases the friction and amount the extruder has to pull.

    Soo much easier to mount it on top of the frame.

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    Roger that, I'm going to change that right away. Nice relevant remark !
    Direct drive extruder, correct.

    And just a last question, does the extruder pattern change anything depending of the models you want to print ? Right now, I kept the basic one which is "ZigZag" kind of pattern ?

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