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Thread: Ultimaker 3?!

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    Ultimaker 3?!

    Hi everybody,

    I am going to build smartphone cases and therefore i need a 3D-Printer. My Modell needs water-soluble support and really high quality, so the Ultimaker 3 is my product to go so far.

    As there are a few printer on the marcet that are not as old as the Ultimaker 3 i would lik to know if u can give me some advice for other printer or is this the product i should go for?


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    for the price you can do much better.
    printers with idex (independant dual extruders) would be better.
    the bcn3d sigma is about the same price as the ultimaker.
    then there's the latest generation formbot t-rex:

    I'd buy both of those long before I went near an ultimaker.

    Traditional Dual extruder systems are cheaper still.
    the flashforge pro, qidi x-pro wifi, and bibo 2 touch laser (has laser engraver head) would all be at least as good as the ultimaker at a fraction of the cost.

    On another point - just how much do you think you can sell a printed phone case for ?

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    Thanks for your Advice so far.

    The case will cost about 30$. Why do you ask? Do you see a problem there?

    If i would spent more money on my printer, what model can you recommend me? Is there a huge difference in term of quality?

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    at that price ranhge - very little difference in quality.

    who buys a $30 phone case ?
    how much research have you done into this ?

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