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    Ask anything about the Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer

    Hello to all the Flashforge fans and users, we are excited to announce that the Flashforge Adventurer 3 is finally ready for release.We will be shipping out all of the preorders on January 16, so some of the folks who have placed an order for one maybe receiving their unit by this weekend!Ask anything about the Adventurer 3. We are very excited for this release and the volume of preorder speaks for itself from our customers.As always, thank you for your support to the brand. You will start seeing us more roaming around the forum in 2019. Peet

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    That looks amazingly similar to the MP Voxel!
    How does the Adventurer 3 exceed the Monoprice configuration?


    What did the MSRP of the snap-in nozzle turn out to be?
    Are there nozzle size options?
    Does it support 3rd party filaments?
    What is the maximum extruder temperature?

    That should get things going.

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    Hi TommyDee, thank you for your message.

    There are a few important components that are only on the Flashforge Adventurer 3. The appearance of the Adventurer 3 indeed looks very similar to the Voxel. In addition, Flashforge USA provides live support to customers and our team is very knowledgeable. We have huge inventory of replacement parts and they are all accessible by our customers.

    - MSRP of the removable nozzle is not available yet - we are still catching up on the demand for the production of the Adventurer 3. Our expected ETA for the removable nozzle is in April
    - There are no other options on the nozzle
    - Yes, customers are able to use 3rd party filament. Just make sure you have a secured way to hold the spools from other manufacturers and the filament is in excellent quality
    - The maximum temperature for the nozzle is 230C

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    Thank you Peet. Can you expand on the "few important components" and what they are or what their function is?

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    Today we would like to share some of the unboxing videos done by a few Youtube Channels. Enjoy.

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    flashforge make the mp voxel :-)
    Monopricehad one at tct last year and the hastily made sellotape and marker pen monoprice label had fallen off to reveal a flashforge makers logo :-)

    As far as I know monoprice don't actually make any of their printers, just rebadge them and knock the price down a bit.
    I guess the relevant difference would be that the mp might be cheaper ;-)

    lmao - okay quick check on amazon has the flashforge adven 3 at ?310
    and the monoprice voxel at - wait for it: ?377 !

    So in this case buy it from flashforge, nice :-)

    Unlike other 3D printers, which require tools and 20-40 minutes of work to replace the nozzle, the voxel has a quick change nozzle that allows you to change the nozzle in seconds
    I heat the nozzle - 3 minutes. I unscrew the old one and screw in the new one - say a minute.
    Job done.
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    Quick change filament is something most people don't value until they loose it. I've got mine down to a heating cycle and never touch the nozzle.

    Still waiting to hear about those "few important components" differences. Also waiting for a real price on the replacement nozzles.

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    quick change nozzle - not filament.

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    No, I meant the ability to change filament quickly is much more useful than just changing a nozzle. By making the nozzle quick change, the filament change should also be very simple.

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