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    short of adding g-code, commands flashprint will do pretty much everything simplify3d does.
    The main reason why I am still trying to work with Slic3r or Prusa is a feature that FlashPrint as well as Simplify3d lack - the Hilbert curve pattern for the bottom layer - or do you know another slicer that has this feature?

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    Could you please suggest any alternative slicer for Adventurer3?


    So have you tested Adventurer3 with alternative slicer?

    BTW: Do you know that newest verson of software for Linux doesn't display layers?

    With regards,

    W. Domalewski.
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    Actually I am using the Bresser 3D printer which seems to be a clone of the FlashForge Adventurer. With the version 2.3 of the Prusa Slicer it now works as desired.

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    Flashforge Adventurer 3 memory

    Hi,Does anyone know if there a way to delete all the old files from the machines internal memory?

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