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    3D scanner for tire profiles

    Hey guys,

    I have some basic knowledge in 3D printing with the ultimaker.
    Now I want to try my luck with 3D scanning of tire profile for my university job.

    I can't post a schematic experiment setup, but the width of the wheel is like 20cm.

    The range from the sensor to the profile is adjustable between 20cm and 70cm, so that I could get the maximum resolution out of my sensor.
    I want a really precide depth image (if possible in the mm range) so that I can create a 3D model out of it and print it.

    Most 3D scanners work with a rotating table and I am unsure, if it is still possible to create a flat 3D Image without expensive software.

    As a sensor, I am also unsure. I've read a lot of good things about the Intel RealSense 415/435 and the StereoLab ZED. But from what I've read in a lot of reviews/tests both don't seem to have a mm resolution for the depth images. And TOF sensors also don't seem to work for this accuracy.

    Do you have experience with the recording of surfaces with high depth resolution? I would like to edit the measurement data later with a software.

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    if it was me and I had someone elses money to spend I'd get a
    scan in a box machine. Structured light scanner.
    (didn't realise faro had bought them out).

    That said what you really want would probably cost ?20,000 ish:

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    These things are great, but also a little bit too expensive.
    Something around 500-1000 would be great.

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    yes it would be - but it doesn't actually exist :-)

    Intel real sense promised great things. But they have yet to appear.

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    Intel RealSense is basically a Kinect V3, no?

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