Hi all,
my printer has a really big bed and often I just need to print small object on different bed areas. So an high-definition probing (with a BLTouch) on the whole bed area can result in a useless and really time consuming activity.

So I'm looking for a way to probe, before each print, only the bed area affected by the print itself.
To obtain this result I need to set the probing grid in the GCode "starting script" using a dynamically composed M557 command, but at this stage I also need some sort of Simplify3D variables in order to "know" the maximum and the minimum X and Y value used in the print process.

Ideally I would obtain something like:
M557 X[min_x]:[max_x] Y[min_y]:[max_y]
Does Simplify3D provide this kind of placeholders or is obtaining this goal a wild-goose chase?

Thank you!

P.S. =I'm using Simplify3D v. 4.1.1 + RepRap + Duet