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Thread: Wobbly print

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    I do not have anything to compare with my thoughts is that it could be the problem. That it gets stuck, doesn?t feed enough filament then after a while it gets pulled loose and the print looks good again for a while. I have print with slower speed ongoing. If it fails, I will cut a piece of filament and use that instead of a whole spool again. And if that works I will increase the speed again
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    Tried again with a print without having the filament on the spool but a shorter cut off length (like 6 meters). Better but still some problem. Is it over extrusion or something else? The only difference now from the two prints that went well is layer thickness. The once that went well was 0.16 mm and this one was 0.20.

    Print on the left was with the filament on the spool, the one on the right was with cut off filament. Better but still some problems.

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    Yesterday I tried a print and guess what?

    Shift is on the Y axis only
    Wobbly lines.jpg

    After a few minutes of Googling found this Web Site now comes the testing of all reasons listed for why my print after 2 years has shifted lines.
    Well maybe should not say all reasons, some firmware settings may be eliminated after many successful prints.

    Oh! Speaking of firmware, thought of (static discharge) maybe causing Flashed firmware corruption re-flashed known working Copy.

    I started by replacing the Y-Axis bearings and I think I replaced the Y-Axis Stepper motor, May do this again may have put the same stepper back in!!
    Anyway the shifted layer persisted and in the exact positions, it is not G-Code, have same G-Code running perfect on 2nd 3D Printer.
    Rotated the Model 90 Degrees and no Shifting anywhere on the model...

    This is your thread so I will create my own if cannot discover the reason why. Remember read this Web Site it may help you.

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