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    Cool Printer Restored - One Final Step...

    Hey everyone,

    Over the holidays a friend gifted me a really old (5+ years) 3D printer model known as the Series 1 by Type A Machines. The specific year of this model is 2013, it's the single extruder configuration.

    So far I've had a lot of success restoring this novel machine to its former state, vacuuming all of the dust off, pre-checking the calibration and general functions through pronterface. I've even attempted to print, mind you while manually configuring the KISSlicer utility to the optimum conditions for my printer ( or as much as I personally and knowledgeably can) Which leads me to my problem:

    Type A Machines closed their doors, to the date, one year ago. Effectively killing the support for any of their antiquated models. No one seems to have bothered to actually archive these files on github or another similar platform. Even waybackmachine scratches its head, before shitting out a 404. I am specifically looking for the KISSlicer (v 1.5 or 1.6) profiles to use with my "new" printer to enjoy the best results, and without potentially damaging the hardware.

    Grasping for straws at this point. My only chances of getting this machine to run at its best will be carefully drafting my own printer profile from scratch, or lucking out and meeting a previous owner who also just happens to hoard data for more than 5 years.

    Would anyone know where I can find those files or another slicer program that supports my printer's profile?

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