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    Unhappy Really need some help with my Ender 3


    so I?ve recently bought an Ender 3 partly on recommendation and part due to reviews on Amazon (I was sucked in). Following the VERY basic instructions I have managed to build to printer but I am having trouble actually printing anything. I?ve scoured the internet and tried suggestions from there but no luck. My problem? The PLA does not seem to want to come out of the extruder unless forced and therefore doesn?t follow a pattern. I?m also finding the printer is ?clunking? when printing and the golden spiked nut appears to just be turning back and forth and not actually spoiling anything through. Can anybody help me as at the moment this is a very expensive waste of money

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    Before we can help.
    we need more information from you.

    What temperature is the Hotend
    What temperature is the Hotbed, if you are using the hotbed.
    At what speed are you tiring to print.

    record a short video post on google drive or other media online share, and post a link, we will look see what you are requiring.

    Help us help you give us something to work with!

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