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    Print Suddenly Printing Way Too Small on Ender-3

    I'm completely stumped with this one, and very frustrated.

    In Cura, my print is scaled to 140mm long, and it prints at 28mm long. Which of course is 1/5 the scale it's supposed to be. This is something that I've modeled in Maya, exported in .obj, imported and sliced in Cura. There are absolutely no settings I've changed from the last print, that did scale properly using the exact same process. At my wit's end here.

    Here is a screen of the model.


    Help please?

    Thanks so much,


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    Wow, nobody has an idea?

    Well I have a wild theory then...

    If you look closely at my model I made a really bone-headed mistake. It's hard to tell at that angle, but I combined all meshes and then applied a bend deformer to the shield. However, I didn't even think about the shield itself not having the proper subdivisions for bending. The quick radial extrusion method I used caused the lettering and graphics to become disconnected from the faces of the shield. The result was a lot of floating objects and a single attachment point. I didn't even notice it until further inspection.

    So, with all that said.. is it possible this terrible geometry threw everything off in the scaling somehow?

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