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    Issues with Flashforge Creator Pro

    Thanks for reading this. I have been 3d printing on the monoprice select mini v-1 and v-2 for over a year now and have enough experience to get decent prints from them both. I needed a machine that could make larger prints so after a little research, i settled on the Flash forge Creator pro. Myprints are coming out with several issues however. I am getting a lot of banding issues even though im printing in the highest detail setting from flashprint software. I am also getting distortions in the prints that look like a mouse has eaten away at certain parts. Circular parts are coming out chewed up on the bottom if i print vertically. I am usin PLA and temps of 205 on the extruder and 60 on the bed. These are the settings I have had the best luck with on my other printers. I know this isnt the same but I figured it should be at least in the ballpark. I'm hoping it is operator error and not that I bought a piece of junk. Can anyone give me some direction? I am not very computer savvy so don't get too technical in verbage. Please dummy it down a little for me being a dummy. I really apreciate the time of anyone who is willing to help.
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