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    Ender 3 Nozzle Won't Reach the Bed

    Hello everyone,

    First post here - just bought my first 3D printer, the Creality Ender 3, and having assembled it late last night, I ran into my first issue before ever getting to print with it. The bed seems to be too low and not reach the nozzle, no matter what I do, so I am unable to even level the bed (as shown by first photo). The problem is that the Z-limit (in the second photo) is in it's very bottom position and cannot go lower. Also the springs are fully released so I am unable to raise the bed further.

    I am guessing the solution is simple but I cannot find it after searching the forums for an hour or so. I followed all the assembly steps carefully (way easier than some IKEA furniture I've done...)

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Welcome Stallhagen,

    In case you haven't solved this yet, or others are facing the same:

    I had the same problem - after some research I found that there are quite a few Ender 3s which suffer from this.

    The only solution I found was to lower the z-stop a bit so the z-axis can go further down. In my case (and from the pictures I guess in your case, too) there is a little plastic part on the stopper to prevent mounting it lower than intended, but I just cut it off and its working fine for me.

    Just make sure the stopper is mounted tightly so it won't be pushed even further down over time.

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    I ground down the stopper on my switch so that I could move it further down. That fixed the problem.

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    save yourself the hassle

    ditch the magnetic bed and go with glass the itll be thicker and you will reach the bed I would no grind anything on the stop. Mine was the same way only in the back if you loosen the other three it would raise that side just enough to reach. mat is nice but if you ever run the nozzle into it itll leave a hole in it. you could also washers under the springs for height I think its because the assemble the springs on the bed and tighten them up only to let it sit in the box in a warehouse for god knows how long they lose some memory

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    my advice go to lowest buy two pieces of glass 8.25 by 8.25 inches cause merica and blue painters tape its not worth risking you part poping off the glass the tape makes a world of a difference and i dont think is too much of a pain in the a$$ and if you get at least 2.5 mm glass u should be closer to the nozzle imo the mat is not good for begginers you can deform it too easily and sometime its seems to trap air under it causing a bubble u cant see until its too late also if you print your first layer to close the brim will stick and come off on the next print and looks terrible definitely glass and tape for a begginer

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    The lip that sticks out near the bottom of the z-stop switch plate, should be resting on top of the bottom brace. you can see it floating above it. You may need to trim or try and loosen the z-switch and get that "tab" closer to the top of that bottom rail.

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