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    Question Help between 3 options

    Hello everyone,
    I can’t decide which printer to get from the 3 options below.
    I’m pretty sure any of them will ge good for me, I just can’t decide and would very much appreciate you guys’ input.

    Cutting to the chase, Given that you have the money to spend, which of the 3 would you get? Rather than only tell me which one you prefer, I?d be forever thankful if you tell me which one you would definitely not get and why.

    1 - Official Creality 3D CR-10
    2 - da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

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    I have Creality CR-10S 3d printer. I spent literally 25 minutes to assemble the printer. It is so simple to assemble as comparing it to other 3d printers. You can easily unpack the parts for the ease of installation and set-up for an everlasting experience. To know more about Creality CR-10S - Read the full article here.

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    that's actually a tough one.
    The cr10s has proper sluminium extrusion, so very easy to mod and attach things to. But the printbed is only mounted in the middle, which isn't great.

    The anycubic doesn't have the aluminium struts but has a much better mounted bed with side supports.

    The davince is propriatary filament and tend to have alot of problems.

    Me I'd probably go for the anycubic.

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