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    Newbie: Need Advice ins starting off

    I want to buy my first 3D printer.

    I was thinking of buying a self assembly kit on ebay - less than ?90!
    (I can't give a link as I am a new user on the forum)
    There are many Chinese sellers selling.
    The title is something like this: 'A8 Desktop 3D Printer LCD Unassembled DIY Kit High Accuracy 220*220*240mm'

    Or should I invest buying something that costs a little more?

    The thing is, I can't find the above 3D printers on Amazon anywhere - assuming they were once sold but got many bad reviews?


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    I have oje of those very printers.
    Do not recommend as a first printer. It needs a fair bit of work to get it useable.
    I'm still modifying mine, havem't yet used it for more than acouple test prints.
    The firmware on these is truly bloody awful.

    for a first machine you want something a bit more user friendly - like one of these:
    which i also have :-)
    Great bit of kit ang genuinely plug and play.

    if you want something bigger: these are a pretty decent buy:
    ?215 - but a really nice printer with lots of support, users, forums etc
    It's also the printer aldi were selling before christmas for ?299 :-)

    Some people recommend a kit for a first machine - I don't.
    Both my kits were bought and built after 4 years experience with fully built machines. Having a machine to make mods really helps. As does having experience with designing models and being able to tune a slicer program to get the best from the machine.

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    thanks for the reply.
    those models look good.

    how about this one:
    this is the best seller. reviews look good - but am always wary of fake reviews on amazon
    this one is DIY as well though.

    one big consideration for me... to have an enclosure.
    the heatbed is pretty hot at 100+ degrees?
    so not good for kids coming near.
    in another post someone replied and said i could make an enclosure.
    i looked at a few videos on youtube and it looks like a lot of work!

    let me know what you think. thanks.

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