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    Best material for dash

    I am getting a cr 10 5s in the next few weeks and have a large job for it. It's a custom dash for a car, about 18 by 8 inches. I'm looking for a strong material that will hold up well. Also something that will hold up to high summer temps, say 90 degree outside temps so probably 150 inside. Not sure possibly high temp pla or a pla carbon fiber mix. I know there are a lot more out there but not to sure where to start. Thanks

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    PEEK and polycarbonate plastics can withstand the heat better than the ABS.

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    Ok they are a little out of my price range. How about I found a high temp pla mixed with carbon fiber? It's suppose to be good in temps up to 140c. It's made by proto- pasta.

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    PETG would be what I would use.

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