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    Zeta-1 Giant IDEX 3D Printer Reprap

    Merry Christmas everyone, here's my insane Reprap build I've spent the past year working on for your viewing pleasure.

    30/60 T-slot Aluminum Frame
    60x60x36" frame size, 24x36x44" build volume
    IDEX modular Bondtech/E-3D Titan extruders
    7001 1/2" cast aluminum bed with 3 heat zones
    3x 12mm acme rods for the Z chassis
    9x stepper motors
    Duetwifi + Duex 5 expansion main board
    24v Makergear power supply

    Apparently I can't post links to my first print :/
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    Can you provide a total for the build cost? I am very new to this and am looking for a 3d printer myself. If I can build one with a large print volume myself that would be the preferred route.

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    Honestly I have close to 10k in this machine, big hardware gets expensive quickly. But it's nearly all metal, should last forever. You could build one for much cheaper if you used wood or plastic or non-heated bed, but rigidity is an issue with larger frames.

    Here's a few prints I've done in the last 2 months, run about 20 pounds of filament through this machine so far


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    Damn, Yeah that is a lot more than I would ever be able to drop into a printer. The prints look good.

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