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    Ender 3 Build Space usage

    Hello there,
    I?m new to 3D printing but able to resolve most problems myself.
    Recently I encountered a problem with a very large piece that almost uses the whole build surface. While printing with a brim I noticed that the round piece got cut of at the edges of the build surface. The printer refused to print a curve, just ignored the G-Code and printed a straight line following the shape of the build surface.
    Cura didn?t show any of this and there was a good min 1.5 cm headroom to all edges.

    Is there a set value of boundaries in the Marlin firmware?

    Didn?t find a solution on google or the search function in this forum.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Yes there are boundaries.
    In Marlin, and in Cura. Both should be set for the build area for your 3D Printer.

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    Found the section in Marlin (vanilla 1.1.9) under config.h
    Strangely it was set at 220 instead of the 235 of the printer tough Ender 3 was configurated.
    235 troughs out an error with my BLTouch being out of the probe range, 230 works just fine.
    Thank you now cura and the printer are uniform and 5 mm lost I can count as a safety range.

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    I avoid filling the entire build plate if possible. To easy for things to go wrong IMO

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