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    Help for the first printer

    Hi, im new to this world and i want to get my first 3d printer.
    Im looking for a reliable printer, good quality, max 1000$, DIY preferd and print a wide number of different materials (some have material limitations?!).
    Thanks and sorry for this wide range of nothing xD

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    well start by looking at the prusa i3 mk3

    Then maybe have a look at the qidi tech x-pro:

    and maybe take a gander at the tevo little monster:

    Also worth looking at the qidi x-plus:
    Bigger volume, higer temp extruder and a bunch of other cool stuff.
    Don't underestimate the usefulness of a front on/off button. Most budget machines don't come with any kind of on/off button.
    Of my 5 printers I've fitted on off switches to the power cables of three. No other way to turn off other than unplugging. For some reason the chinese don't believe in the ability to turn a printer on or off.
    Weird but true :-)

    4 very different 3d printers. What sort of build volume were you thinking of ?
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    Edit: with the information gattered, i was thinking on a medium build volume
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    They sell Qidi in europe? Cuz i cannot find any seller

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    It helps is you say what country you are in.
    Asking for prices in dollars automatically suggest your are in the states - so i use links accordingly.

    Also ebay:

    Where were you looking ???

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    Hi again, im from Portugal.
    Since im new to this world, i went for an Ender 3 to start and learn. Then later change for a better one

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    Same than latinhax, start with one ENDER3 and once you built it and learn, think about other printers. Not spent 1000usd for start (not necessary)

    Best regards!

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