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    Help needed to make a model 3D print ready

    Hey guys !

    I'm a 3D artist but I have absolutely zero experience with 3D printing.
    I have this model that I would like to print, but it's far from being print friendly because of all the particules flying around.
    My first thought would be to try to merge the particules together in zbrush and make a single bloc. But I feel like it would still make a pretty complex model.
    Any advice and help with this is more than welcome ! To be honest I don't really know where to go from there.

    Thanks a lot !


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    you can't print that.
    What you could do, is use two different filaments.
    A clear one to print a solid body and a coloured one to add the flying squares - attached to the solid body.

    Given how unclear, clear pla is - not sure how effective it would be.
    But that's the only way i can think to get a similiar effect.

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    Hi ! Thank you for your answer.

    Yes I know it is a tricky one. What if the particules where more like blocks and they were all touching each other like such ?


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    If they were all touching you could print it on an sls machines (selective laser sintering) that works by lasering layers into thin sheets of nylon powder. You end up with a block of nylon powder with a model inside.
    So you can print any geometry.

    Doing it on fdm would be a nightmare, it'd be one big mess of supports and blocks.

    The only way you could relistically print it on fdm would be with soluble support material.
    That would probably work - but sls would be my choice - cheap it's not, but plenty of print services around have sls machines.

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    Hello,I think the best will be SLA/DLP, but the problem is the limited bed size.

    Best regards!

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