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Thread: Qidi or Bibo?

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    Qidi or Bibo?

    I'm completely new to 3d printing, and I've narrowed down which printer I'd like to one of these two, but I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking for to know if they're good. It's going to be used for stuff like jewelry, figurines, game pieces and that sort of thing if that makes a difference

    So I've narrowed it down to the Quidi Tech 3DP or the Bibo (I'd post links but I'm not allowed), they're both within my price range, and other than the laser engraver and wifi, I'm not really sure what's different between them. I was hoping you guys might know which one would be more reliable

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    the laser engraver - check power, less than 1500mw isn't really worth having) and wifi are the only practical differences.
    But you can always add a better laser yourself.
    It comes with a 500mw laser - for about ?20 you can swap that out for a 1500mw. Which is about the lowest wattage you can realistically get away with using, if you want to do wood.

    Both are very good replicator pro clones.

    That said the bibo has an all metal frame - like my knp.
    On balance, I personally, would probably get the bibo.

    bibo customer service also looks very good.

    But on build quality, wifi and laser - I'd go for the bibo.
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