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    Tinkerine Ditto pro headache.

    Fairly new to 3D printing, actually it?s the first and only printer I?ve ever used.

    The printer had a steep price tag so was able to find one lightly used from a guy on Craigslist. Only 3 months old with 9 months left under warranty. The first dozen or so prints went very well. Easy to use, didn?t have to get geeky or technical with a bunch of settings. Downloaded a few random files off of thingiverse.

    Next step was to try some new types of filament. Tinkerine sells their own brand of PLA and only PLA. The warranty card and instructions made no mention of different filament types so went to the local store and picked up a different brand of filament to try out (Botfeeder PLA) It started out ok but seemed to have skipping/clogging issues soon after. I sent Tinkerine support an email asking about what kinds of filaments this printer is even capable of printing with, mentioned I tried a different brand it wasn?t working all that well. The reply was quick and to the point. What is your serial number? Just so you know it voids the warranty of the printer if you use anything other than Tinkerine. Sounds like you have a clogged nozzle and offered some suggestions on clearing the clog.
    Really? It voids the warranty?
    Oh actually I meant to say it voids the warranty on the hotend.

    Well that was enough communication with them for now, didn?t give them the serial number. But they know my name

    Fast forward a little bit and still having nozzle issues, but now I noticed some bushings on the carriage are slipping. I figured as those parts are under warranty and they?re local i?ll get them to fix that and figuring they might be really upstanding and have a look at the clogging issue. They tightened a couple screws, updated the firmware, said yup your nozzle is clogging and sent me on my way. When I brought it in it had these little carriage clips attached for transport. When I got home noticed these pieces were gone.
    Another opportunity for them to do an upstanding thing and offer to mail these items to me as it would save a couple hours of driving, I mentioned the may have kept these by accident. Could you send me the set OR the print file? Well they chose the latter so they could save a buck.

    Well the nozzle is still clogging here and there and can?t put my finger on it. So I ask if they?ll SELL me a new nozzle or any of its components? Nope, you must buy the entire hotend. We might give you a deal. It?s $175 USD. Say what!?

    I get home and the printer starts crashing. Something software related. I ask for the old firmware version and it?s back to normal. And normal just means it has a jammer less frequently. Sometimes it just won?t let me select print, it flickers and needs to be rebooted

    So they won?t offer any warranty within the warranty period. They won?t sell something simple like a nozzle. You can only use their brand of filament. If they take something of yours by mistake they?ll ask you to replace it.

    If you?re new to 3D printing like myself and looking for a printer. Definitely don?t buy a Tinkerine. Proprietary filament, proprietary nozzle components. High end price tag with low end service. if they ever read this they might still have time to do the right thing. Sell me a few parts, not rip me off with a bunch of stuff I don?t need

    Looking forward to selling this thing and many years of using open source printers

    Happy printing everyone

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    (looks online)
    Ah one of those bloody things !

    Did you see the facebook adverts ?

    Essentially it's a really cheaply made printer that's made to look like something apple might make so people expect to pay stupid amounts of money for a piece of near-junk (like all apple kit ;-)

    That said - I know they used $5 ramps boards in them, so I['m guessing they also used bog standard nozzles.
    As long as there is no electronic checking on the reels - then you can use any brand filament - just be aware that filament quality varies and the temps different filaments prefer to print at also varies quite considerably.
    Also i don't think it even has a heated build plate.

    So what you have is a $100 machine they manage to sell for $1899.

    But yeah - don't buy one !

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    No I don?t use Facebook. Actually went to visit a local design school to peak at what they used. They had handful of these so assumed they must be at least decent. Got home and did some searching around for reviews. At the time couldn?t find any red flags.

    They say the hotend components are all custom made, pfft. The closest nozzle I can find is from an E3d volcano. If you check out their Instagram account about 50 posts back you can see a bunch of nozzles being assembled. Its the type with long M6 threads. Just waiting on an order of some of the E3D nozzles, hopefully they fit. Also the heated silicone matt from eBay should be here soon.

    Live and learn I guess. Supporting local is at always the best idea.

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