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    Dimensional accuracy multi part print

    Currently making a pastry roller/cutter.
    The idea is you roll/cut a pattern in a sheet of pastry. You then pull the pastry apart and it creates a pretty lattice pattern that you put on a pie.

    Not an easy thing to print. Ended up with the roller cut in half lengthwise with 2 end caps to hold it all together.

    So you've got the 2 cylinder halves at 95mm each. Then the 2 endcaps at 2mm each.
    printed at 0.32mm layer height. 0.32 does Not fit exactly into 2. So right there you should lose a little accuracy.
    On top of that I printed all 4 parts in one go.

    Used flashprint slicer with my klic-n-play replicator pro clone.
    Altogether, with endcaps and cylinder should have been 99mm.
    No post processing was needed, no stringing, blobs etc. Nothing was sanded or filed, just pressed together and glued with uhu all purpose.

    Now you don't see that very often :-)
    This partiular roller wasn't round enough to work so the redesigned one is currently printing.

    Unfortunately I glued the endcaps in, so will need to reprint them too.
    Using a length of stainless steel tentpeg as the roller bearing. I did glue that in - but a few whacks with a rubber hammer later, I did manage to remove it - so can use existing handle :-)

    But DAMN !
    100% accuracy over 4 prints all printed together.
    Flashprint and my knp are a great combination.

    Unfortunately I have no clue what make the filament is - have to see what it says on the reel, when it runs out.
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    yeah, I get around ;-)

    New roller is also bang on 99mm :-)
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