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Thread: Temporary Bed

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    Temporary Bed

    Did not know exactly how to title this so came up with "Temporary Bed"

    I have Bi-linear bed leveling setup in my Marlin firmware 1.1.7.

    Though to myself can I Once in a while decide to do a Manual Bed leveling onto a Borosilicate Glass Plate.
    Now the reason behind this is the Borosilicate Glass Plate is 3mm thick and my Proximity Sensor has a 3mm range.

    I would like to know if it is possible to still have the B-Linear Bed leveling and in the instances when needed.
    I use the Borosilicate Glass Plate with the Manual Bed Leveling without causing any adverse side effects.

    I believe I have found a way around my bed leveling delima.

    If I place Aluminum foil Duct tape on one side of the Borosilicate Glass Plate, preform the Auto leveling.
    Then turn the glass plate over to the other side. Print without any bed Homing this could be an Option.

    This would mean removing line below from Cura Start G-Code
    G28 Z0 ;move Z to min end-stops

    A test Print Proves that it could work without homing again.
    Taped Vinyl Flooring to the Bed, Taped Bed surface material to the Flooring.
    Taped Aluminum Duct Tape to the Flooring. Removed the Aluminum Duct Tape. Now to Print.


    This should be as a proof of concept, that I can place the Aluminum Duct Tape on the back of the Borosilicate Glass Plate.
    Without auto bed leveling. Flip the glass as both sides of the glass are equally flat should not loose my bed leveling to print.

    Any Thoughts on this.
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