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    How long does it take to 3d print a small object?

    Hi there,

    How long does it take to 3d print a small object?

    Thank you in advance.

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    how long is a piece of string ?

    Depends on printer, size and complexity of object & print settings.

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    a lot less time that it takes to fabricate it in any of the other traditional methods.. :-)If nothing else this hobby teaches patients!For instance a 23mm tall D&D figure can take over an hour to print depending on how intricate it is.. speed is all relative.. You can go from 3d model to part sitting on the table a LOT faster than any other means of prototyping.. for instance, sculpt, in clay, make mold, make casting, post process, paint.I modeled a mounting bracket for a NVR in about 45 minutes and it will take about 2 hours to print. It is 8" long and each hold down is 51mm tall
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