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    Okay, thank you for your answers. I was actually thinking more like accessories that are available on Prusa's website. Is there nothing there that could be necessary for me, in the future maybe?

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    Of the 8 items on the accessories page, I saw nothing of critical interest. The library printer is still running fine on the original nozzle, although the PEI bed was worn out after about a year. We learned to move the print from the center and place it randomly on the bed each time! It's easy to remove the old PEI sheet (Dry Ice) but it's a bear to get the adhesive layer off cleanly. You may not have to deal with that, with the new pop-off bed system.

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    Yes, I heard really good things about the new bed in the MK3. I don't really have a reference but I assume the praises are justified.

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    do you repair your computer? Your phone? Your TV?
    yes :-)
    To be fair, I also repair other peoples as well.

    plus 3d printers are actually a lot more mechanical than electronic. So unlike many modern gadgets - there is a lot you CAN actually do.

    Source filament locally - ebay and amazon are both excellent plus local websites are in abundance.
    Don't think prusa is based in the states - given that it takes longer to post to the us than to europe :-)
    He's actually in the czech republic :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    yes :-)
    To be fair, I also repair other peoples as well.
    Interesting! I'm an electronics engineer, so I wonder - how do you repair these devices? Do you have testing equipment, and soldering iron? Do you have schematics for the devices you repair (circuits of the devices). Or am I way off and you're not even messing with the electronics?

    About what filament, I don't live in the US so Ebay and Amazon are good options, but I prefer to use them as less as possible, especially Amazon, because shipping.
    I just learned that it might be cheaper for me to ship it to the US and from there to my country, because the shipping company in my country would demand ridiculous charges from me in order to release the printer from customs. Therefore, it's a good idea to order other items that I might need in the future, so that everything would be packaged together and reduce cost for me, hence my question.

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