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    Some general questions about QIDI X-One 2 and 3d printing

    Hi everyone,

    I've been thinking about buying a 3d printer for a long time and thought I would take advantage of the sales going on (though I'm probably a bit too late...) to finally get one.

    After researching for a few days for a good 3d printer for beginners, I stumbled upon the QIDI X-One 2 and QIDI 3DP-QDA16-01 And finally found 3d printers that have very decent user reviews (unlike other beginner 3d printers which seem to have lots of disadvantages).
    I also read a review of the X-One 2 and it seems like a good printer to start with.

    So here are a few questions:

    1. Obviously, the first one, would you recommend the X-One 2, or the 3DP-QDA16-01?
    Basically I don't want to spend too much, and while it can be a good thing to spend little ($285) on a first 3d printer, I would prefer to spend a bit more on a better printer if it means the other one has a major advantage over the cheaper one.

    2. A heated bed - why do I need one?

    3. Can more than one color of filaments be loaded at the same time? Meaning, if I print something, can I mix it's colors, or do I need to change manually or something?

    4. The QIDI X-One 2 is open from the top. Does that mean the it is dangerous? I mean, if I put it in my bedroom, does it output toxic materials or something that can be dangerous?

    5. From the review I mentioned - "For a long-term solution, you can replace the stock build plate with a glass bed. And for more convenience, you can also go for a removable magnetic bed setup."
    Should I buy one of those other beds?

    I know these are a lot of questions, but I preferred to amass them instead of asking one by one, to make it more convenient. So thank you so much for your patience!

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    1) 3DP-QDA16-01 - bigger build volume, enclosed build area, tried and tested machine base on the makerbot dual. Probably one of the most copied designs on the planet - which means spares are very easy to get, pretty much anywhere.

    2) trust me - you need one :-) It makes filament stick way way way better and with an enclosed print volume, opens up a whole bunch of filaments that just wil not work without them.

    3) No. But you can get rolls of filament that already have blended colours.

    4) No. as fars as we currently know 3d printing is not harmful to your health.

    5) pretty much don't bother. It's mostly about getting filament to stick and release. As long as the build plate if physically flat, it's good.

    If you want the removeable magnetic plate then look at the next maxhine up: the qidi xpro

    About another $100, but looks to be worth it.

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    Thank you very much!

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