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    Filament maker/extruder - any decent for sub 1k?

    Just took the bag of waste filament and weigh her. 60 kilos of PLA. Then the bag burst and things got embarrassing...

    Fresh 1kg spool I slap on in the morning is pretty much empty before I head to bed. My biggest print has been 2.3kg in weight due to 100% infill.

    I NEED a filament machine.

    Is there any sub 1000 bucks model that is easy to use? I rarely see "size sensor" featured with any... Some say one should "stretch" the filament into correct size and/or run it thru wheels making it right size.

    I have a machine with multiple nozzles so I can use the recycled materials as infilling or supports.

    I'm more than happy to "tinker" but I want a machine that can reliably make good filament. I don't want to spend hours poking the settings each time I set it up.

    I might be able to get my hands on a grinder but tips on those also welcome.

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    I don't know of any.
    All the ones I have seen, just haven't worked well and can't recall ANY positive reviews of desktop filament makers.

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