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    I've Never Printed A Mini Benchy, Where did you get it.

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    Oh I just scaled the normal one 50% in Simplify3D that's all.

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    Well, just wanted to confirm, it was the heated bed melting my prints afterall - oops! The new heater must be getting slightly hotter than the old one at the same temp setting. 65 and 70 C were both causing severe problems. The bottom several layers must have been expanding slowly and pushing the whole model up - very strange.

    I lowered to 60 C and the problem is fixed, except now it's a little harder to get my prints to stick to the bed. I was using elmers glue on glass, which worked great at 65+, but just now I switched to purple glue stick and that seems to hold stronger at slightly lower temps.

    Also of note - having no cooling fan does not seem to be hurting the print quality - in fact I generally notice that part cooling makes print quality worse (opposite of common belief). I basically always have a little bit stringy and fuzzy prints with part cooling on, and ZERO with it off. For especially delicate parts, I think part cooling is necessary - little smoke stacks and things like that - otherwise, I think it's often a good idea to use no part cooling at all. I think I'll also try lowering the fan speed a lot. I think a lot of people just run them at 100% thinking the more air the better, but I'm realizing that's not true. That's my experience anyway.

    Oh, one exception to that. On my bigger printer, I run a Volcano with 1.2mm nozzle at the fastest speeds possible. In that case, I DO think you want absolutely as much cooling as possible, or layers may just roll off the sides. I already have 2 high speed radial part coolers on that printer - maybe I will add a desk fan too and see what happens.
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    have you actually measured the diameter of the extruded filament ?
    Much better than guessing :-)

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