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    3D Printing adhesive

    What is the best adhesive for use with PLA? I need it for a Creality CR-10S printer. I looked at Magigoo but it gets some really bad reviews on its dispensing tube. I looked at 3D Gloop a few times but the PLA stuff is always out of stock.

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    I use jb weld plastic epoxy..

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    lol - I think he means for the buildplate.

    Dimafix is exceptionally good.
    I have the bottles with the spongy dispenser - works really well :-)

    lol - just realised, that's peter falk :-)

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    I'll see where I can find Dimafix. I just checked Amazon Canada but they do not carry it. Yes, it is Peter Falk. I used to be a fan of the Columbo show. I think he did a great job in the part.

    I just looked at the Dimafix site and it says:

    "Dimafix is not recommended for PLA and any material that has a low print bed temperature." Most of my projects will be PLA.
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    and all I've used it for is pla :-)

    I run the printbed at 65c no problems

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    I ordered some 3DLac so I'll try that and if I have a problem I'll try the Dimafix. Thank you very much for the help. I'm waiting for the Creality CR-10S to arrive but we have a postal strike going on here so I suspect that it will be delayed.

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