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    Please comment your opinion of this little printer

    Hi all was looking at this little portable printer. Curious what others thought of this little printer. My goal would be to possibly print my own replacement parts for my radio controlled hobby. Like suspension parts, servo parts brackets etc. the servo gears would need to be pretty durable. But even if it could do it in non durable plastics if it prints i could tweak it with the little printer to get the gears right and test fit my designs. I bought a ender 3 to play with that has a larger build but i would want to take this to work on nights if it could run fairly unattended.

    Thanks for the opinions

    *forgot the link *
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    what printer is it ?

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    Thank you so much curious aardvark i wouldn't have notice that for days probably.
    Ive added to this post and the top one

    Thanks again

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    bear in mind it uses special filament cartridges that are really expensive.
    Plus xyz davinci build quality has always been a bit dodgy.
    have a look at this:

    I've just got one - apart from my workshop being too cold (15c) for the bed to heat up properly - I'm pretty impressed.
    Plus information wise it's way way better than the other 4 printers I have !

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    Awesome that is exactly what i was looking for. The reviews are good except for people crying about the build volume with cylindrical printers. But they should know that going in and my projects for while at work wouldn't even come close to 100 mm i do not believe. Love the auto level and portability of it too.
    Work wouldn't ever get that cold for me but my home junk/pc world is in my basement and that runs 60f/15c all winter. i haven't gotten my first printer to work yet but when the excitement wears off i know the wife will tell me to put it down there. May have to get some electric stuff and preheat the area or something if it struggles with the temps. But its really just for hobby so i can tolerate some blemishes exept for in the gears i will print.

    Thanks again for the heads up its what i need.

    Update 12-1-18

    I have been keeping my eyes open since your early suggestion of the MiniDelta and found a open box from the manufacturer yesterday. They were priced reduced to 110$ and lucky me they had one left. So now with the help of my new MiniDelta i will be able to print the spacers and brackets I think I need to clear up my Z axis issue.

    Cant wait for it to be delivered so i can play
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    $110 - wow !
    Let's hope there's nothing wrong with it :-)
    Load some pla filament, make sure the micro sd card is inserted, then press the little led button between the usb and power inputs.
    It should print the waving cat.
    What i do is wait till the raft and a few layers of the cat are printed then ramp the speed up to 2x.
    Knocks it out in about an hour.
    Oh yeah I've wiped all the vertical rods with a little lithium grease - made it noticeably quieter. At some point I'll also introduce a tiny amolunt of 3-in-1 oil to the socket joints on the end s of the rods.
    Reckon that would cut most of the rattly noise out completely.

    As for portability - there are some pretty decent, reasonably priced, li-ion 12v power packs available now that might be worth trying :-)

    I presume there's a mini delta forum around somewhere.

    Oh yeah adding a more powerful power supply doesn't make any difference to the bed heating.
    Fortunately I can use the new psu on the laser engraver - which does need a better power supply if I'm ever to get a decent power laser to work :-)

    I do have a car battery I can probably test it with. ut that's not what I call properly portable :-)
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    My God laser engraving sounds neat too.
    I'm going to be in so much trouble with this hobby.
    I saw a printer yesterday that has removable heads and said it will 3D print, laser engraving and dremel size CNC. I can't find it again to post a link but it has my curiosity.

    Thank you for the advice of the Mini. I need it to get the first printer working. So my fingers are crossed that it will print.

    As for 3 in 1 I use this dry lube on almost everything. I like that it doesn't attract dust,dirt it dries quick and clear.

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    worked out how to get the bed temp run at 60.
    you set it at 50 so the print can start, then once it's started use the front control panel to up the temp to 60.
    If I set the temp in the slicer at 60 - it never gets close.
    weird. But works.
    Mind you my workshop was positively tropical yesterday, hit 17C !

    Printed an item out last night that was 95mm long and about 40 wide.
    Theoretically I've got another 7.5 mm each end - but I reckon it'll struggle with anything over 100.
    That said, it worked pretty well.
    Though it does struggle a little at the extremes.

    Haven't yet tried to print anything of any real height. the bowden tube just looks too long, fairly sure that will caues issues at height.
    we'll see.
    Think I'm going to switch out the nozzle today for a 0.25mm copper one.

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    As far as laser engraving goes it's all about the laser power.
    the all-in-one systems tend to got for 500mw lasers - which is way too weak.
    ideally you need AT LEAST 2watts.

    I'm currently struggling along with a 1.5watt 5v - because they are cheap.
    what i'd like is a 12v 3 - 5 watt.
    but they are expensive and until i can sell some engraved stuff - i'm not investing anything else in the engraver :-)

    currently on my 4th laser. the original died after 1 hour usage. i then fried a 5v by running it at 12v. then i bought a 2.5 watt, that never worked, but unfortunately i extended the wires before testing, so can't send it back.

    I reckon I've spnet a smuch on bloody lasers as I di on the whole thing. Which - to be fair - was bloody cheap.

    The 1.5watt 5v lasers run at about ?18.
    the 2.5 watt 12v was over ?50.

    Currently looking at a (they claim) 10watt for ?80 odd. Problem is there's no way of knowing what actual wattage it is and the chinese and hong kong suppliers do tend to lie about it.

    No end of people on ebay bought a '5 watt' that turned out to be a 2.5.

    And buying anything like that in the uk makes them insanely expensive.

    What I'd like (lol) is a 40watt cabinet laser machine. But you're talking about ?350 for the cheap and nasty ones. And I just can't justify it at the moment.
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    Songs fun lol. I am curious how the embracing goes. Maybe even a review of the growing pains you've went thru.

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