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    PowerSpec Ultra 2.0 Dual Extruder 3D Printer

    I got this printer last week. Loving the prints I've made so far. Wondering about upgrades, etc. Is this a clone of a flash forge or makerbot?
    seems like leveling has to be done before EVERY print?? Is there any upgraded beds I could use? What about parts, etc? Anyone else using this printer? I'm having trouble finding information on when it was released, etc.

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    if you are levelling that often - are you using abs ?
    in which case drop the bed temp to 50c and start using pla ;-)

    The other thing you can do is change the levelling nuts for locking nuts.

    and yes I believe it's makerbot replicator pro clone.
    probably made by qidi or flashforge.

    I level my makerbot clones about every 6 months - or when adjusting z height in the slicer stops working :-)
    The hotter you run the build plate the more often you seem to have to level.

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    Printing with PLA and PLA+ from Microcenter. Haven't attempted ABS...not sure if I will b/c of fumes, etc.

    Bed temp, I've been putting it at 60c but will drop it to 50c.

    Where can I get this locking nuts? is this specific to 3d printers or something I could pick up at hardware store?

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