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    PowerSpec Ultra 2.0 Dual Extruder 3D Printer

    I got this printer last week. Loving the prints I've made so far. Wondering about upgrades, etc. Is this a clone of a flash forge or makerbot?
    seems like leveling has to be done before EVERY print?? Is there any upgraded beds I could use? What about parts, etc? Anyone else using this printer? I'm having trouble finding information on when it was released, etc.

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    if you are levelling that often - are you using abs ?
    in which case drop the bed temp to 50c and start using pla ;-)

    The other thing you can do is change the levelling nuts for locking nuts.

    and yes I believe it's makerbot replicator pro clone.
    probably made by qidi or flashforge.

    I level my makerbot clones about every 6 months - or when adjusting z height in the slicer stops working :-)
    The hotter you run the build plate the more often you seem to have to level.

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    Printing with PLA and PLA+ from Microcenter. Haven't attempted ABS...not sure if I will b/c of fumes, etc.

    Bed temp, I've been putting it at 60c but will drop it to 50c.

    Where can I get this locking nuts? is this specific to 3d printers or something I could pick up at hardware store?

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    Hi - I just got my powerspec ulta 2.0 dual extruder a few days ago and seem to have a issue. My bed temp is lowered to 50C and my filaments (Inland PLA+ (205C) and PVA (190C) for supports) are at the low ends of the temperature range. Everything runs up fine and my print starts forming - only to see that both nozzles are oozing as though the filaments are still too hot and killing the print in the process as the nozzles move across the model. Other than slow the speed of my motor down (currently at 40mm), increase the length of retraction for the filaments (currently at 2.7mm) and increase the retraction speed (currently at 40mm), would there be anything else that I need to look at to succeed in creating my print?

    I appreciate any advice.

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    yep you need a purge wall or purge tower. These are used take the excess filament from the non-working nozzle between nozzle switching.
    check the slicer - settings should be there for dual prints.

    It's one reason I don't do as much dual printing as I'd like. takes 3x longer and uses a lot more filament :-)

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